Menlo Park Weekly, August 2004
"The simple yet delightful flavors at this restaurant are worth every penny."

Homestead Daily, January 2004
"A great atmosphere and excellent service make this restaurant one of the best restaurants in the area."

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James"Tank  "of CCK... CGC,TDI,GDT,IDT3&5,WPI,
II,III,IDWPI,II,III..Texas "Badass" Bulldog 06',(Irondog
Record holder MWP 06) Tank is 
truly one in a million! He is 100% JDJ. He 
has far surpassed our expectations.He has
always given 110% of whatever I have asked 
of him.He is all heart. Tank and I have a 
special bond, he is a loyal family member,
friend & protector. He is retired from working
 events and is our house dog. Anyone that
knows me,knows how much he means to 
me. He is an exellent producer, and always
throws his laid back demeanor in his offspring.

Navasota, Tx  "Texas Best Bulls" 2006
Therapy Dog Int'l. Class 2004
Ragin' Blaze of Steelbridge
GDT, Iron Dog Titled 3 and 5 (ranked competitor), WP1.
Wt. 100# (in shape) NKC reg. Blaze has turned out to be everything I look for in a bulldog. He is a true "DO IT ALL AB".. He has proven himself in the woods time and time again, caught and held many rank hogs. He has several 1st place conformation  wins , including  Best In Show Standard win.. 
At 9 yr. old he sill going strong, despite a few battle scars, and missing/broken teeth. He still loves to weight pull for me and even loves hangtime, but his true passion is catchwork. No doubt a tried n, true bulldog..100% of the time that would not hesitate to lay down his life for you.
Chicago 06'.MWP, IDWP winner
Chicago, Ill. 06' IDWP 
 Seguin, Tx "Badass" Bulldog winner  2006
 James' Cash of Steelbridge is a nice bully male that comes from from Notorious AB's. (Double bred Caleb).. He has alot of drive and is a handsome fella! He has won many "hang time" competitions, at a show in Louisiana he hung for 22 minutes. Cash is on his way to becoming an ABRA Ch.  He has great muscle tone, plenty of bone and is very athletic for such a big guy! My plans are to use Cash back to my standard/hybrid females and get some nice hybrid AB's.
BIS Adult 2010 Texas Get Together Navasota, TX
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Toni & Tank 2011
Blaze 2012..8 yr. old
2012 Gray Lake
Ch. James' Jack of Steelbridge
Jack is a nice standard pup produced by Kadan Kennels. He is a great pup..high drive, smart and eager to please. He has completed his basic obedience, and is being trained for personal protection. He loves to swim and enjoys a good day in the woods hunting and catching pigs. He recently became an adult champion. He has won or placed in several "driviest pup"comps.. We are soo exited about our boy Jack and can't wait to see what he matures into as an adult!
DUAL CH.(ABRA/NKC) Kadan's Bluegrass "Boogie"
Boogie is truly one in a million.. He is an awesome dog, absolute joy to own! He is currently being used as our woods dog, and has caught some nice hogs for us..  He is easy to handle and listens really well. He loves people and enjoys woods time. He has a bomb proof temperament. He obtained his ABRA conformation championship in just two shows. NKC Champion in one show! In my opinion, he is the"total package"AB. Thanks so much  Kadan Kennel for producing an outstanding specimen of the breed!
caught by "Boog".. Summer 2012